Broomhill FC Announce New Matchday Communications Manager

Broomhill FC are delighted to announce that David McIntyre has stepped up from his Matchday Reporter role to become the club’s new Matchday Communications Manager ahead of 2024/25.

David said: “I am pleased to make the step up as the new Matchday Communications Manager for the season ahead. I am looking forward to taking on more responsibilities and working with a brilliant team around me.”

Board member George Fraser said: “We have been so impressed with David’s commitment and work ethic since he joined Broomhill as a volunteer last season. We believe that he has all of the attributes required to help us tell our stories across competitions in 2024/25.”

David takes over the role from outgoing Media & Communications Manager Michael Park who is leaving the role after 8 years (on and off!) to spend more time with his young family.  

Club Statement: Management Team

Following the conclusion of the 2023/24 Lowland League season, we would like to thank Stephen Swift and his management team as they move on to pastures new.

Things haven’t turned out the way we had envisaged this season, but the hard work and effort put in by Stephen and his team probably didn’t get the results they deserved.

They all leave on good terms and we send them our best wishes as they take on their next challenge.

Schools & Community Groups To Receive Free Tickets for Broomhill Matches

Broomhill Football Club are delighted to announce that we will be offering free tickets for schools and community groups in the Dumbarton area from season 2023/24.

We are committed to making our home in the town and as part of that, we want to work as closely as we can with our community to make everyone feel welcome.

We have lowered our admission prices from last season, are offering Dumbarton FC season ticket holders £4 entry, and plan to continue to do everything that we can to keep football as an affordable day out for everyone.

Broomhill’s Club Secretary John Dods said:

It’s of vital importance to us that the community we serve has access to affordable football, our standard gate prices and initiatives such as discounted tickets for Dumbarton season ticket holders, certainly help with that, but even this will leave certain parts of our community isolated and unable to access football.

With this initiative we believe we will reach every part of the community. By introducing young people to football, welcoming fans back who had, until now been priced out of football and providing the most vulnerable and isolated parts of our community with a social activity. Now everyone can look forward to the match on a Saturday.”

We are encouraging local community groups, carers, befriending organisations and charities to email us to sign up for our free ticket programme. Get in touch:

Schools tickets can be claimed by pupils at schools in Dumbarton and the surrounding area. Ask at the school office for more details.

Broomhill FC Partner With Fanbase to Offer Seamless Ticket Solutions to Supporters

Broomhill Football Club are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Fanbase to provide a seamless process for fans purchasing season tickets, match tickets and more at The Dumbarton Stadium this season.

We’re taking a significant leap forward by integrating the Fanbase platform into our club. This partnership will bring a streamlined, easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, ticketing process for fans visiting us at Dumbarton Stadium. Their advanced automation technology allows supporters to enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted year-round experience, enhancing their involvement with the club to new levels.

Fanbase’s system will allow us all to benefit from:

  1. Improved fan experience: Supporters can now enjoy a smooth and streamlined journey, with a hassle-free and efficient ticket-purchasing process for match, season, event, and hospitality tickets. Say goodbye to the complexities and frustrations of traditional ticketing methods.
  2. Increased revenue opportunities: With the convenience of 24/7 online ticket purchasing, Tranent can expect a significant surge in ticket sales. Other clubs that have embraced Fanbase have witnessed remarkable increases of up to 70% in season ticket sales, along with achieving record-breaking match attendance figures.
  3. Streamlined administrative processes: By embracing digital ticketing and memberships, the club can eliminate the need for printing, postage, and ticket collection, while providing automated benefits to fans. This time-saving measure allows staff to focus on other crucial tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, our season tickets are now on sale at £90 for Adults and £50 for Concessions.

The New Broomhill Badge

Broomhill Football Club are very pleased to unveil our new identity to take us forward into the new era of the club.

We know, another one! Following the end of our partnership with Open Goal, we wanted to reflect the short but eventful life of Broomhill through a new badge. As such, we worked with designer Martin Le Roy to create a new roundel badge for the club.

Using the circle from our Open Goal incarnation and the original badge of BSC Glasgow, we introduced the tree adapted from the badge of Broomhill Primary School, where the club was originally founded, the fish to reflect our history in Glasgow, and the saltire to… well… you can probably work that one out.

George Fraser said: “We are delighted with our new badge, can assure everyone that this will be the one we use permanently… unless we decide to change again! In all seriousness though, the badge gives a nod to our roots in Broomhill and our home city of Glasgow, where we have worked tirelessly to return to. We want to acknowledge to the changes that we’ve gone through as a club, and now look forward to a bright future.”

Michael Park said: “We’re delighted to have a badge that we can take forward into the future. The badge previous to our partnership with Open Goal wasn’t our favourite and a lot of the feedback about it looking like a Pro Evolution Soccer badge was noted. We had to make a change last minute and that’s what came out. We were so pleased that we were able to work with Martin to come up with a badge that speaks to our past and our future and gives us something to be really proud of.”

Club Statement

Open Goal Broomhill FC can confirm that Manager, Simon Ferry along with his coaching staff of Derek Lyle and Paul Slane will be stepping down from their roles at the end of the current football season.

The completion of the 2022/23 football season will also see the conclusion of the commercial partnership between Open Goal and Broomhill FC.

It has been a record-breaking year for the club which has seen many highlights on the pitch as well as unprecedented growth off it.

Simon and his staff helped the club navigate an exciting Scottish Cup campaign to the 3rd round, only to suffer defeat to a last-minute penalty decision against SPFL League 1 side Alloa Athletic. His coaching expertise has also helped develop and improve a number of exciting young talented players in the squad who have achieved breakthrough seasons this year.

This season at our new home Broadwood has seen the club achieve record-breaking attendances with 8k+ fans having walked through the gates to watch the team, an increase of over 6k in comparison to last season. The club also had the highest attended match in the 1st Round of the Scottish Cup with 1550 fans attending our victory over Highland League side Brora Rangers.

Commercial revenue also reached an all-time high following the increase in exposure and attention on the club this season through Open Goal’s partnered online content and distribution on their social platforms. The club’s twitter following has increased by 13,500 to total 20.3k and has achieved 20 million impressions since the Open Goal partnership announcement. Instagram also saw a huge increase in followers, now sitting at 11k, an increase of over 8k since the start of the Open Goal project.

The project has not only seen an increase in attention on Broomhill but Open Goal’s behind-the-scenes documentary YouTube series, Crossing The Line has also shone a spotlight on the Lowland League as a whole, covering multiple other teams and grounds. The 6 released episodes so far have a total viewership of 631,000 views with the full 10-part series on track to reach 1 million views, providing unprecedented exposure to the Scottish Lowland League and its players.

Open Goal Broomhill FC General Manager, George Fraser:Firstly I’d like to thank the Manager Simon Ferry and his staff for their efforts this season. The excitement of the Scottish Cup campaign will live long in the memory and his team of players have created some amazing moments for fans to enjoy, particularly our Friday night games under the lights at Broadwood.

The project with Open Goal has been an amazing success for us off the pitch and has been crucial in our mission to build and enhance an engaged and passionate community around our club which this partnership has achieved beyond our wildest expectations.

The growth in our online presence has been remarkable and will be extremely valuable to the club’s development going forward. To give context, we as a Lowland League club have a higher combined following on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram compared to some Scottish Premiership-elect sides which proves the power of the project.

We are a young club which has only been operating for 10 years and so this type of innovative idea was exactly what we needed in our journey in building the club’s fanbase both online and offline. It now gives us a fantastic platform to grow the club further both commercially and from a community point-of-view which we aim to reinvest back into a successful football team.

There are plenty of exciting times ahead for Broomhill FC and we’d like to thank Open Goal for their contribution this year and wish both them and Simon Ferry all the best in the future.”

Open Goal Broomhill Manager, Simon Ferry:My first year in Management has been an invaluable experience and one I will take a lot of learnings from going forward.

It’s been fantastic to work with this group of players and see how much they’ve developed this season. They’ve given me everything including showing their impressive level of character and ability particularly in our Scottish Cup campaign this season. I’m confident many of them will go on to progress their careers further following the year we’ve had together.”

An Open Goal spokesperson: “From the outset of our sponsorship with Broomhill FC, we aimed to support the club in delivering a successful season on the pitch as well as drive the overall interest and engagement in the Scottish Lowland Football League through the production of high-quality, free-to-consume content that provides insight into what this level of football has to offer to a mass audience.

As the figures show from an attendance perspective and online viewership, we were able to significantly expand the reach of Broomhill and the Lowland League by millions through our content including the fly-on-the-wall YouTube series, match highlights and club-dedicated podcast. Such was the extent of the exposure that it allowed the club to benefit from a new and higher-level of commercial input which was reinvested back into the squad and club infrastructure.

Unfortunately, as is the nature of football, success on the pitch can never be guaranteed but we thank the efforts of Simon Ferry, his backroom staff and squad of players who we know gave everything in trying to deliver that this season.

We believe we achieved a lot of our original aims and as such we would like to extend our thanks to every supporter who attended our Home games at Broadwood this season, our sponsors and Broomhill FC themselves for believing in the concept of adopting an innovative approach to growing their club in a self-sustainable and contemporary manner.

We would like to wish Broomhill FC all the best in the future with them now placed in a stronger position to continue their growth with a higher level of commercial reach and public interest which will aid their journey going forward.”