Broomhill FC Partner With Fanbase to Offer Seamless Ticket Solutions to Supporters

Broomhill Football Club are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Fanbase to provide a seamless process for fans purchasing season tickets, match tickets and more at The Dumbarton Stadium this season.

We’re taking a significant leap forward by integrating the Fanbase platform into our club. This partnership will bring a streamlined, easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, ticketing process for fans visiting us at Dumbarton Stadium. Their advanced automation technology allows supporters to enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted year-round experience, enhancing their involvement with the club to new levels.

Fanbase’s system will allow us all to benefit from:

  1. Improved fan experience: Supporters can now enjoy a smooth and streamlined journey, with a hassle-free and efficient ticket-purchasing process for match, season, event, and hospitality tickets. Say goodbye to the complexities and frustrations of traditional ticketing methods.
  2. Increased revenue opportunities: With the convenience of 24/7 online ticket purchasing, Tranent can expect a significant surge in ticket sales. Other clubs that have embraced Fanbase have witnessed remarkable increases of up to 70% in season ticket sales, along with achieving record-breaking match attendance figures.
  3. Streamlined administrative processes: By embracing digital ticketing and memberships, the club can eliminate the need for printing, postage, and ticket collection, while providing automated benefits to fans. This time-saving measure allows staff to focus on other crucial tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, our season tickets are now on sale at £90 for Adults and £50 for Concessions.