The New Broomhill Badge

Broomhill Football Club are very pleased to unveil our new identity to take us forward into the new era of the club.

We know, another one! Following the end of our partnership with Open Goal, we wanted to reflect the short but eventful life of Broomhill through a new badge. As such, we worked with designer Martin Le Roy to create a new roundel badge for the club.

Using the circle from our Open Goal incarnation and the original badge of BSC Glasgow, we introduced the tree adapted from the badge of Broomhill Primary School, where the club was originally founded, the fish to reflect our history in Glasgow, and the saltire to… well… you can probably work that one out.

George Fraser said: “We are delighted with our new badge, can assure everyone that this will be the one we use permanently… unless we decide to change again! In all seriousness though, the badge gives a nod to our roots in Broomhill and our home city of Glasgow, where we have worked tirelessly to return to. We want to acknowledge to the changes that we’ve gone through as a club, and now look forward to a bright future.”

Michael Park said: “We’re delighted to have a badge that we can take forward into the future. The badge previous to our partnership with Open Goal wasn’t our favourite and a lot of the feedback about it looking like a Pro Evolution Soccer badge was noted. We had to make a change last minute and that’s what came out. We were so pleased that we were able to work with Martin to come up with a badge that speaks to our past and our future and gives us something to be really proud of.”